What we do

Our goal is to give you all the expertise and business insights you’d expect from a seasoned finance director, packaged to suit your business and budget.

We can provide a mobile finance function for your business — an “FD in a box” — or work alongside your existing finance team to provide regular additional support or one-off assistance at times of peak activity.

Whichever option works for you, we deliver game-changing financial expertise in three key areas:

Delivering timely and accurate information

You can’t manage a business if you don’t know what it’s doing. And it’s not just you — the bank and the tax man also need to be kept in the loop. We will ensure:

  • fast, accurate recording of financial data, so you have all the insights you need to run your business and safeguard company assets
  • you are kept fully up to date on how your business is performing, via management accounts, sales analyses or customer reports

Improving performance

Only when you understand your business inside out can you maximise its performance. We can analyse and report on:

  • profitability of your different products, services or customers, enabling you to concentrate on the higher-value activities
  • cash flow — it’s crucial for sustained business success even profitable companies can fail just because they run out of cash
  • actual against planned performance,targets and forecasts, to help track and adjust your business operations

Nurturing growth

Unplanned, uncontained growth can be disastrous to even the most promising company. We’ll help you:

  • evaluate alternative business plans to assess results under various different scenarios, by giving you the best, worst and most likely outcomes
  • develop detailed business plans covering the short term (two years) and outline strategic plans for at least five years (outline)
  • evaluate capital investment options
  • compile reports to obtain funding

and more, leaving you to get on with the things you do best.

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