I have known Fiona for nearly 30 years, both professionally and socially.   Most recently, she was commissioned by a charity providing care services, of which I am the honorary accountant, to research into suitable accounting software.   Her approach was calm and thorough, and she applied common sense to her findings.   She also showed an appropriate level of interest in the work of the charity.”
NH, Oxford


“I had some great ideas for my business which I wanted to formalise into a business plan. I wanted to work with someone who would be able to effectively help me put those ideas in a clear and concise document which I could refer to time and time again.  Fiona from Blue Note Solutions not only helped me create a business plan looking ahead to 2018, Fiona pinpointed some key areas of concern for the business as it grows, she also opened my eyes to exciting new opportunities for growth.  The report she produced clearly laying out figures was a huge plus for me.  Working with Fiona has been very beneficial and having a clear plan is a great asset to my business.”

Ben Molyneux, The Oxfordshire Project