Plan 2020

Does your business have a 2020 vision?


Do you have a clear plan for where your business will be in a few years’ time? It is a well-known saying that you should be working ‘on’ as well as ‘in’ your business. However in the day to day running of any business it is easy to lose sight of where you want to steer your business in the longer term.


Plan 2020 has been designed to provide you with your long term plan. In just three hours of your time we can examine how your business will look, explore who will be your customers and how and who will provide your products or services. When you have a clear view of where you want to be you will know how to direct your business to reach that target.


Plan 2020 Gold delivers the full plan report with detailed figures plus the business plan template. The template is a valuable tool which can be used to input different revenue and cost scenarios and evaluate the differing outcomes.


Plan 2020 Case Study

Local Café

James has owned a café providing home cooked and locally sourced organic food for 3 years. James was the chef. Business was booming but James decided that now that the business was well established he needed to decide the future direction of the business.

2020 business intentions:

  • Supply healthy home cooking to health conscious customers who valued good food, and were concerned about the environment
  • Open approximately one Local Café per year
  • Step back from cooking and working in the café to manage and run the business
  • Obtain an income of approximately £50,000 plus additional profits to enable future investment



  • Where should the new cafes be located?
  • Should new premises be bought or rented?
  • As customer numbers changed seasonally how to encourage off-season sales
  • Should menu prices increase to reflect the premium nature of ingredients and cooking standards
  • Maintaining quality of food and environment when James was no longer involved with day to day cooking, menu decisions etc.
  • Maintaining and increasing the supply of good quality locally sourced food ingredients


  • Sales pricing – analysis indicated that an increase in menu prices would outweigh any likely decrease in customer numbers
  • Evaluated office and party delivery service which indicated service a profitable option
  • Recruitment of permanent, salaried staff :
    • Riskier if customer numbers fell substantially
    • Would improve staff retention with subsequent cost savings for recruitment/administration/training
    • Would ensure better service quality
    • Recruitment of a full-time administrator/bookkeeper beneficial and financially viable
  • Because not all costs increased in proportion to increased size, increased sites resulted in an increased average profit per site


  • Analysis confirmed benefits of expansion
  • Menu pricing changes to be tested
  • Food delivery service confirmed as a profitable option which used spare capacity off-season

Further Research

  • Best sites for new Cafés
  • Market research for food delivery business
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of renting against buying new site
  • Examine financing requirements and options
  • What systems should be implemented to ensure continued quality across all sites

Key Next Steps

  • Recruit trainee chef to enable James to step back from day to day operations
  • Consult existing local suppliers about how much product those suppliers could deliver
  • Identify first new site
  • Timetable
    • Site acquisition
    • Refurbishment
    • Staff recruitment and training


Please contact Fiona McKenzie for further details


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