Welcome Note

Your SME has a brilliant business proposition, sales are soaring and your accounts are filed on time, every time. But still, something’s missing. Profit.

Or maybe you’re planning to grow your business, and need to give your business plan some financial oomph?

At Blue Note, we offer so much more than simple accountancy — we crunch those numbers until they give up all their secrets. We don’t stop there though, we even take into account those factors that are really difficult to quantify, like staff morale and customer complaints. Then we present the insights we discover back to you in an understandable, useable and meaningful way.

Because we take a strategic, long-term view, you can run your business confidently and secure vital cash flow — and profit.

If you need a friendly, flexible financial director to help you take control of your business, call us for a no-obligation chat. We are based in Headington, Oxford and within easy commuting distance of surrounding counties.

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